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Respect at the Workplace

Respect at the Workplace
January 11th, 2015 | Bullying, HR, Sexual Harrasment | 2 Comments

Respect at the Workplace

California without a doubt is one if not the most complex labor law state. Every day we hear about new lawsuits in the workplace environment that create new statewide rules and regulation. I personally listen to many employers regarding their concerns on different areas of labor. It never stops amazing me how many employees abuse the system and create restrictions at the workplace more and more each day. Many employers say to me “What I wish for this company is for everyone to become one big family”; and quite often these impassioned employers are more generous with their employees than the law requires. After I explained to an employer that some of the new law changes that need to be implemented do not favor the employees in that specific company, he or she becomes more aware that the adjustments that need to be made can easily be accomplished.

It’s been a while since I finished elementary school, In those adolescent days when worrying about bullying around me should have become a thing of the past. Is there a place for that conduct in Business today? For all our benefit, Bullying should not be part of a workplace at all. Most company’s workforce is made up of individuals over 18 years of age; so without holding ourselves accountable for our own involvements, how can we teach our kids the principal of respect to one another? How can we complain about what our kids learn in school when Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, among other things, seems to be a nonstop, lifelong situation that creates a hostile environment while simply trying to do a job. When is this going to stop?

We need to start working together and respect each other. We all need to work in the same direction and towards the same goal. We all, each and every one of us, need to remember one important thing. Employers and employees are both part of the same team. Like I used to say “If my employer grows, I will grow as an employee”; so let’s get to work and do our job, let’s respect every individual and let’s be respected at the workplace.


  • http://thatsgravydesigns.com/ ThatsGravy Designs

    I strongly agree that bullying has no place in the workplace. It’s disrespectful and severely limits the productivity among the employees, not mention creating enormous amounts of distrust in the environment. Thank you for this post!

    • http://unitedpayrollhr.com/ Elena Ruiz

      Thank you ThatsGravy Designs.